Products and Technology

Pharmaero’s ADI

The Aqueous Droplet Inhaler; the ADI, is a revolutionary new device delivering respiratory therapies in a low velocity aerosol mist.


The device is able to address many patients’ needs for respiratory medications due to it’s ease of use and high efficiency. The product delivers lung distribution profiles comparable to those of tidal breathing from a nebulizer. Due to a wet mist aerosol principle, the result is minimal coughing by the patient . The ADI delivers a low velocity aerosol mist and ensures reduced systemic and environmental exposure to the active drug because of its high efficiency.

The ADI device is easily used by all patients. There is significantly reduced treatment time. It is portable, easy to assemble and simple to operate by a ‘wind up – push button – inhale – repeat’ method. The ADI has a disposable mouthpiece, thus no cleaning is required. It is purely mechanical, no battery or electrical power is required either.

ADI performance – the ADI is capable of:

  • Delivering from small to large volumes of liquids, 10ul to 50ul per inhalation
  • Delivering extremely uniform and custom sized aerosol droplets to create a soft mist inhalation
  • Specifically targeting any defined part of the airways from upper airways to deep lungs
  • Minimizing dose variations
  • Being highly versatile in respect to particle size, volume and airflow
  • Having a very high efficiency, around 5 times that of jet nebulizers
  • Using standard glass or composite syringes with excellent storing qualities
  • Working without electronics
  • Being portable and discardable
  • Having a dose indicator
  • Having very little dead volume, total loss of less than 20ul