Mats Persson, Managing Director

Mats was appointed Managing Director at Pharmaero in September 2018. He has vast experience from global pharmaceutical companies, having held positions at Glaxo, Upjohn and Pharmacia & Upjohn, and being part owner of SHL Group since 2000. Mats also holds a Senior Advisor position at SHL.

Within the inhalation segment, Mats has worked within asthma and COPD treatment with drugs and devices such as nebulizers, p-MDIs and DPIs. He has been on Pharmaero’s Board of Directors since the company was founded in 2009.

Tomas Norling, Chief Scientific Officer

Tomas Norling, Chief Scientific Officer of Pharmaero. Tomas graduated from Copenhagen Pharmaceutical University in 1984 and joined Dumex the same year. Until 2002 Tomas held various positions from Manager of Formulation development to Director of Pharmaceutical development and IP for the merged company of Dumex and Alpharma.

In 2002 Tomas co-founded a spin out from Lundbeck, Life Cycle Pharma. The company floated on the Danish stock exchange OMX in 2006 and generated more than 450 mio DKK in Initial Public Offering. The first product based on the platform technology was also approved by FDA in 2006.

In 2006 Tomas left LCP and joined Polpharma as Director of Intellectual property. Tomas re-joined Alpharma in 2007 as Director of new products and technology. Since 2009 Tomas has been the Chief Scientific Officer of Pharmaero in parallel of a Strategic development position at Xellia. Tomas holds more than 40 patents and patent applications in the field of formulation technology.