About Medspray

Headquarters (HQ) at Colosseum 23, Enschede, Medspray’s activities take place at three sites in Enschede, the Netherlands. The Company was established in 2002 and is the inventor of spray nozzle technology, a vital part of the ADI. Medspray holds various patents on specific aspects of proprietary spray technology and its manufacturing.

Medspray’s spray nozzle units are at the heart of the ADI device. They convert the liquid into an near mono disperse inhalation aerosol. Medspray’s Rayleigh spray nozzles are made of silicon with MEMS based manufacturing technologies. This allows for great precision in large scale manufacturing. The clean room assembly of the spray nozzle units takes place in a EU GMP Grade C environment.

Medspray is based in Enschede, the Netherlands, close to the University Twente’s Nano Lab and MESA+ institute, where our own operators create silicon nozzle chips for purposes. Medspray uses established micro and nano technology processes to manufacture the spray nozzles.

The orifices of our spray nozzles are tiny (around 2 micrometer, to reference: a human hair is 70 micrometers thick). Our spray nozzle units are based on plain orifice nozzles, creating Rayleigh jets. A 2 micron hole creates a jet, breaking up in mono-disperse 4 micron droplet trains. The diameter of the droplets is twice the size of the orifice. The hole size is being engineered to match the desired lung distribution profile for the specific inhaled drug product. Spray nozzle chips do not have electronic functions, it is purely a mechanical structure, made with technologies generally used to make computer chips. Medspray has an in-house liquid aerosol test lab, to measure the particle size distribution of the inhalation and spray devices under development. Medspray is ISO 13485 certified on development and manufacture of our products and we work according to FDA-QSR and GMP.

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